What Is FH Gizmos?

FH Gizmos is a student-run business where we go beyond worksheets to learn about entrepreneurship by selling the solutions to your everyday problems. At FH Gizmos, we’re learning to sell and selling to make a difference. 25% of our profit goes to our student-run charity, FH Gives, through which we make a difference in our community by giving out impact grants. So when you buy from FH Gizmos not only do you help us learn better, but you also help us help others. Remember, at FH Gizmos your problem is our project!

What happens when I buy from FH Gizmos?


We learn to run a business. We get a jumpstart on understanding the future businesses we want to run. This is important because the future is only going to get more competitive. We will be ready!


We work hard to make this business successful. Because we are so excited to sell our things to you and help solve all of your everyday problems, we give 100% effort. Developing our work ethic now will make us more successful in the future.


We are growing together in our business. To have a successful business you need to work well with other people. Our business is growing because our team is awesome and we work well together. Teamwork makes the dream work!


We are giving 25% of the money we earn to our own student-run charity, FH Gives. Through FH Gives we make a difference in our community. We give of ourselves, our time, and our money to make a difference for the issues we care about.

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Packaging FHGizmos.com custom fidget spinners for Slack. Such a great learning experience! TY #Slack! #edcorps #edtech #edchat #makered #Entrepreneurship #education ... See MoreSee Less

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