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3D Design

  • Sketchup – a 3d sketch, drawing, and design program. Tutorials
  • Tinkercad (beta) – a 3d design program for beginners. Beta Guide.
  • Fusion 360  – a 3d design program for advanced users.


Computer Science

  • App Maker
  • Arduino
  • Bloxels
  • Codecademy
  • Makey Makey Kits
  • Raspberry Pi
    • Minecraft Pi
    • Sonic Pi
  • Scratch


Graphic Design


How To:


  • Audacity – Free audio recording found on your desktop. Tutorial.


Minecraft: Education Edition


Music Maker

  • Soundtrap – Online music maker that can also be used for podcasting. Make sure you use our class code. Tutorials.




Video Editing