What Is FH Leads?

We believe learning should be a collaborative experience between schools, students, and the community. That’s why we ditched worksheets and started a consulting firm. We are an 8th grade consulting firm that gives back to our community by helping local businesses grow. Using our design process, tireless dedication, and the talents we’ve honed through years in The Innovation Labs, we will create the solution to the wicked challenge that faces your small business. When you hire FH Leads, we will be your competitive advantage!

What happens when I hire FH Leads?

The FH Leads Competitive Advantage

When you hire FH Leads, you get a dedicated team of student entrepreneurs who will work tirelessly to solve your business challenges to ensure your business grows.


We learn to run a business and the different careers available to us as we grow up. We get a jumpstart on understanding the future businesses we want to run. This is important because the future is only going to get more competitive. We will be ready!


We work hard to make FH Leads successful. Because we are so excited to solve your challenges, we give 100% effort. Developing our work ethic and problem-solving skills now will make us more successful in the future.


We are giving 25% of the money we earn to our own student-run charity, FH Gives. Through FH Gives we make a difference in our community. We give of ourselves, our time, and our money to make a difference for the issues we care about.

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Success! The RFID wheelchair tracker for our client Riverview Hospital works! #picademy #RaspberryPi #edtech #edchat #makered FHLeads.com ...

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FHLeads.com Ss working on #RaspberryPi powered RFID wheel chair tracking system for our client Riverview Hospital! #picademy #edtech #edchat ...

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Building .Raspberry Pi powered RFID trackers for our client Riverview Hospital’s wheel chairs! #RaspberryPi #picademy #edchat #edtech ...

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FHLeads.org team members redesigning the hospital map for our client Riverview Hospital! #edtech #edcorps #makered #edchat ...

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Making flyers for FHGives.com 1st charity event: a pet adoption at the FH Color Run Nov. 5! Spread the word! #FHLeads #edchat ...

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